Friday, June 15, 2012

Fact Sheet

Racism, The Bible, and The American Dream

From Slavery to Obama: A Frank Discussion, from a Christian Perspective, on Racial Discrimination in America, and its effect of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Elreta Dodds, Detroit Michigan

Pub Date:                              
November 1, 2010. 

About the Book
The purpose of this book is to dispel any misconception that the Bible condones racism, to better enlighten the public about the seriousness of institutional racism that exists in America against minorities today, to encourage more minorities to speak out against racism when the opportunity arises within their circles, and to redirect, as many as possible, those who misuse the Bible as a weapon to justify racial hatred. An exhaustive history on racial discrimination in America is included. 

Price: $17.95
Pages: 380
Genre: Social Issues, Civil Rights, Religion
Category: Non-Fiction Trade Paperback
Uniqueness: Not only looks at racism as a social issue, but as a moral issue as well
Distributor: The book is no longer nationally distributed by Bookmasters/Atlas Books but is still available online through and other online stores and is also available through the publisher.

Winner of the 2012 International Book Award in African American Studies.
Winner of the 2011 National Indie Excellence Book Award (NIEA) in Social Change
Finalist of the 2011 NIEA in African American Non-Fiction

For more information or for scheduling the author for interviews, book signings, and/or speaking engagements contact:
Press Toward the Mark Publications, P.O. Box 02099 Detroit, Michigan 48202
Email: or
Phone: 313-527-0068

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